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Black Sea Shipping Ltd.
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Black sea Shipping is a company with a big experience of all port procedures and logistics, great knowledge in structure of port Novorossiysk, long and friendly relationships with Russian and foreign partners, good bank history, strong ambitions for permanent development and progress.

Black Sea Shipping is being the provider of logistic services for a long time in port Novorossiysk, that keeps up with the time, altering services, market and rules of cargo processing.

Our experience gives us opportunity to produce quickly an optimal scheme of shipping the cargoes. We can offer competitive line of tariffs and provide credit terms of payment.

Our company always looks forward that helps us to be amongst the leaders in logistics market. We always try to optimize our possibilities, and our directorship invests the business willingly.

All of our offices are the our property, we have our own trucks, own survey laboratory, even a hotel was built, and that is not the complete list of the goods that helps us to produce an outstanding service and profitable offers to our client.
Black Sea Shipping Ltd.
42A, Gubernskogo Str., Novorossiysk, Russia 353900
+7 8617 720030
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